They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is there really any truth to that saying? Most people, especially those who are very busy (or late for work!), skip breakfast altogether. Today, we examine how eating breakfast can affect your eating habits and your health in general.

1. Makes You Feel Well and Good

Eating a healthy meal gives you energy for the day’s activities. This may give you the feeling of being accomplished.

2. Improves Your Dietary Choices

Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, this will give you the opportunity to consume balanced meals for the day. This can translate to healthier food choices as you can increase your intake of important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and dietary fiber which are normally found in foods like milk, cereals, and fruits that are normally associated with breakfast. Several studies have examined the relationships among breakfast cereals, diet quality, and nutrient intake in children and adolescents. Those who consumed cereals tend to consume greater amounts of vitamins and minerals, and lower intake of fat and cholesterol compared to breakfast skippers.

3. Reduces Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Several cross-sectional studies reported an inverse association between breakfast consumption and risk factors of cardiovascular disease. International data also tell us that there is an increase incidence of heart disease among men who regularly failed to eat breakfast

4. Helps in Weight Management

It was noted that management of weight both in children and adults are better controlled when one is consuming breakfast. In a systematic review conducted by 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee in the US, they found out that eating breakfast is associated with lower body weight. This may be due to controlled hunger bouts and energy regulation during the day. Though it must be noted at this point that giving breakfast to people who normally skip this meal may lead to an increased energy intake and weight gain.

5. Improves Cognitive Performance

Breakfast consumption has always been linked with improvement in academic performance and psychosocial functioning among children and adolescents. The feeling of hunger may affect one’s attention span and behavior.

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