Most frequent questions and answers
  • For new subscribers: Fill out our order form here.

  • Kindly make sure the information entered in your order form is complete and correct. We cannot push through with deliveries if details are incomplete. Likewise, Pickle shall not be liable for any meals missed due to incorrect order details. 

  • A confirmation message (automated Email reply) containing order details and payment instructions will be sent within 24 hours. If you do not receive confirmation within the said period, call or text us at 0998-975-7255 or 0917-675-7255.

  • Minimum order: We accept a minimum order of 4 days per week and/or 2 meals per day (inclusive of 1 snack). 

  • Allergies and sensitivities: These will be assessed by our team for approval and may be subject to an extra fee. Please be advised that meals are not prepared in an allergen-free facility, and we cannot guarantee separation of allergens in our storage, handling, and preparation process. See our full guide to allergens and special requests here.

  • We accept payments via BDO or BPI online transfer,  bank deposit,  or Gcash (please request for link). Full instructions will be included in your confirmation message.

  • Please note that inter-bank charges shall be shouldered by the customer.

  • Total amount due must be paid immediately after order.

  • Failure to pay on time and lack of feedback will result in cancellation of deliveries for the remainder of the subscription period. Pickle shall send customers an official confirmation regarding all changes and cancellations.

  • Once your rider has delivered your meals or sent you your daily delivery alert, refrigerate your meals immediately. Pickle will not be liable for meals stored improperly after delivery.

  • Once it’s time to eat, check the label and re-heat meals as needed.

  • For any changes or cancellations, please notify us at least two (2) days before your delivery day. Beyond this time, cancelled or missed meals shall be considered sold, non-refundable, and no longer convertible to credit.

  • Text us: 0998-975-7255 / 0917-675-7255

  • Message us on Facebook: @pickleph

  • Message us on Instagram: @pickle.ph

  • E-mail us @: picklefoodco@gmail.com