Excessive calorie intake surely leads to unwanted weight gain, especially when these are not compensated with physical activity. Each of us is responsible for how much we eat, yet social norms and culture play and important factor in keeping your food portions in the right proportions.

One way to manage the quantity of your food is to do calorie counting. However, this is a tedious and very difficult task for a lot of us. This is because not everyone is familiar with calorie contents of foods (especially when you eat a varied meal). Moreover, keeping track of your food intake seems to be unfeasible for working people. So, what do you do?

Well, you can use your hand to measure and control portion sizes- both at home or on-the-go. Your hand is usually proportionate to your body frame. The taller you are, the bigger your hands will be. And since calorie requirement is based on height, taller people tend to have bigger food portions. Here are some tips you can use for each meal:

1. A palm of meat or any high-protein foods

A palm-sized serving of cooked meat is equivalent to about 60 to 90 grams of beef, chicken, fish, or beans. Make sure not to include your fingers!

2. A fist of rice or any high-carbohydrate foods

A closed-fist portion of rice or any starchy foods like pasta and potatoes is a good portion per meal. Make sure to pick good quality carbohydrate sources such as brown rice, wheat bread, and high-fiber pasta.

3. A handful of vegetables and fruits

An opened-hand serving of vegetables and fruits is recommended to be consumed every meal. As you can see, this food group should be consumed the most per day. This food group contains most of the vitamins and minerals our body needs. Now you can assess whether you eat too little or too much of vegetables and fruits.

4. A thumb of oil and fat

The tip of the thumb up to the part where it is connected to the palm is equivalent to ½ to 1 tablespoon. This amount of oil/ fat is added to cook your meals. Make sure to choose plant-based oil (e.g. olive oil, canola oil) or avocado as your main source.

Using your hand as a guide is a rough estimate for portion sizes. Nonetheless, this is a handy and convenient way of managing your food portions. The bottom-line here is to be mindful when you eat- chew your foods slowly, drink enough water, and choose good quality of foods.

If calorie counting is not your thing, don’t worry! We’re still here to give you a hand. Pickle Healthy Meal Delivery creates and prepares calorie-controlled meal suited for each body type and physical activity level. Now you can be sure that each meal is calorie counted just for you.