Feel lighter while improving your health and well-being. The plan includes 2 meals and 1 snack per day.

• What to expect with this plan for all Pickle Lite (2 meals per day)
• Note that our standard kcal is not distributed to 2 meals per day and 1 snack only. Macronutrient count depends on the Menu served daily.

What to expect with this plan.

Our Lean and Clean Plan is recommended to those who are looking for a diet that is low in sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. We use only lean meats and whole grains in our Lean and Clean plan.

Pick Lean and Clean if you are looking for calorie-controlled, macro-balanced meals aimed to help you lose weight faster. Our Lean and Clean Meal Plan is also designed for those who have hypertension and diabetes.

Pickle can only accommodate up to (2) meat substitutions. If the request for no pork and/or beef is selected, said meat will be replaced with chicken.

No beef – free
No pork – free
No chicken – + P200/week
No seafood or fish – + P100/week
No pork & beef – free (counted as 2 free sensitivities)
No pork & chicken – + P300/week
No pork & seafood – + P200/week
No beef & chicken – + P300/week
No beef & seafood – + P200/week
No chicken & seafood – + P300/week

No dairy – + P100/week
No tomatoes, citrus fruits & vinegar – + P200/week
No mayo (will be replaced with vinaigrette) – + P50/week

+ P600 for Detox
+ P750 for Burn

Please be advised that meals are not prepared in an allergen-free facility, and we cannot guarantee the separation of allergens in our storage, handling, and preparation process.

Chosen allergens and sensitivities shall be assessed by the Pickle team for approval.