With all the uncertainties brought by the coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to focus on tasks. Planning on what to eat becomes your wits’ end that was once a piece of cake. The feeling is very overwhelming that we all have to deal with stress. In the past, foods are relatively accessible. You can quickly go to markets with the help of public transportations, and it is more manageable with a stable income. Now, there are many barriers to easy food buying, and I know you experience many more than a few. No doubt that eating healthy during this time is uniquely challenging.

However, remember that eating healthy comes a long way. And that being healthy today is one of the keys to longevity and survival. A healthy diet not only boosts your immunity. It also manages your nutrition-related medical conditions appropriately that may aggravate the effects of COVID-19 in case you are infected.

Your food pattern may be affected whenever you feel anxious. If eating is your response to stress, you can take steps to curb these urges. You can reframe your thinking and manage your food environment at home. 

In terms of reframing your thinking, always think about self-care. Try this. If you feel your pangs for empty-calorie potato chips or a chocolate bar, try to drink a hot cup of tea or water first. You can also try to brush your teeth, in some cases. The key is to delay your unhealthy consumption and eventually forget it. 

Lastly is to keep your home-food environment healthy. You cannot eat cakes and pastries if you don’t have one. Try to substitute your sweet indulges like bread with crackers or soda beverages with pure fruit juices. In this way, you are not just cutting calories but taking baby steps to help you have better diet behaviour. 

Take the time to plan your meals. These simple nutrition guidelines will help you with this:

  1. Moderation– Healthfulness revolves in the word moderation. Moderation means that you take food at a specific limit.

2. Balance– Your food intake must be in accordance with other food groups. For example, your rice food group should be taken in a larger amount than meat products. While the vegetable group should be consumed more than the other food groups combined.

3. Variety– No single food can provide all the nutrients your body needs. Thus, eating a range of food can hit the target when it comes to nutrient intake.


Remember the aphorism, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, if you keep on eating just an apple for a week, you might see your doctor quickly. Apple can be part of a healthy diet; just remember the three simple nutrition guidelines!

Your dietary requirements do not change, even if there is a pandemic. So always remember to follow healthy eating even during this time. But if it is harder to pull it off now, that is OK! Do not be too hard on yourself. You can always make small changes, assess your habits, and start filling the gaps. 

If you find yourself getting stuck on what to eat but still wanted to get fit and healthy, try Pickle PH meal plans that will suit your needs and aspirations.