World Health Organization defined Coronavirus-19, or more famously known as COVID-19, is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people who contacted this disease experienced mild to moderate respiratory illness and recovered without requiring special treatment. 

Lungs are the primary organ of the respiratory system. Its primary function is to perform the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide with air from the surroundings. And since all cells in our body need oxygen to survive and function, without healthy and functional lungs, we will easily succumb to any respiratory illness like COVID-19.

Given that this new disease targets our lungs, this is a crucial time that we need to take more severe precautions in protecting this precious organ. So as staying-at-home to avoid the virus, taking good care of your lung is as vital. Here are effective ways to protect your lungs:

Do not smoke

Cigarettes are carcinogenic and are the leading cause of lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. Burning tobacco cigarettes produces multiple chemical compounds that are very harmful to the lungs. Smoking can narrow the air passages and make breathing difficult. It causes chronic inflammation and swelling in the lung, Overtime cigarette smoke destroys lung tissue and may trigger changes that grow into cancer. If you smoke, it’s never too late to benefit from quitting.

Avoid exposure to pollutants

Secondhand smoke, burning chemicals and materials, dust, chemical powders, and other aerosol pollutants can cause or worsen lung diseases. Avoid areas that are near high-traffic areas or places that burn garbage, leaves, among others. Also, avoid people that are smoking to prevent secondhand smoke.


Being physically active can strengthen your lungs and keep them healthy. It is recommended that all adults get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days a week. Just keep in mind to talk to your doctor before you start exercising, especially if you have an underlying health problem.

Eat a balanced diet

A diet that is composed of various food items in the right proportion contains essential nutrients that will keep your body healthy. Diet rich in vegetables and fruits contains numerous vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, and mineral selenium that will protect your lungs from oxidants.

Drink more water

Drinking enough water is the easiest way to take good care of your body and helps ensure that all organs are functioning correctly. Food and Nutrition Research Institute recommends eight to ten glasses of clean drinking water per day.

COVID-19 is spread primarily through salivary droplets or nose discharges when an infected person sneeze or cough. Thus, the best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well informed about the virus. It is still a gold standard to wash your hands frequently and to avoid touching your face, nose, or eyes. It is also essential to practice respiratory etiquette such as coughing into a flexed elbow to wear a mask. Yet even without this situation our country is experiencing, we need to take good care of your body.

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